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(Sell offer) Almonds
2019년 12월 23일
제목: (Sell offer) Almonds



- Olde Hansa Sweet Almonds


- Details: Olde Hansa Sweet Almonds are made of high-quality roasted almonds, various sugar mixes and spices. This set provides a taste experience that is hard to find elsewhere. We do not use fat or preservatives in our product, but only high-quality almonds, which makes it a healthy delicacy. The storage life of this product is 12 months. - Branded product; - Great and unique taste; - Exclusive package; - Different language opportunities according to the order; - Long shelf life; - Healty alternative for candies; - Product with story and with strong support by us; - Etc. Producing locates in Estonia. The product is packaged into an airtight foil tube which helps retain its taste and aroma qualities and extends the shelf life. The foil tube is packaged into carton outer package protecting the product from mechanical damage.

The main color in carton package is brown and there is used also gold-foil. Packages are packed into wholesale boxes according to orders (8, 16 and 32 packages); We have many opportunities to support the sales - materials, free examples, campaignes, displays, etc. For future information, examples, catalogs, presentations, etc. - please take contact


- 신청기간: 2019. 12. 19 ~ 2020. 1. 06


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